Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Walking for the first time...Again.

I am a happy gal... for I am walking again... It's the 2nd day of me walking and checking out the 6 replies in 4 hours after I posted this good news on kneegeeks forum...
Next Step: Wobble Board.

Hi,thought i wanted to share this good news with all of you. My OS had wanted me to go slow on getting me to walk as I have a pretty low bone density. So he told me that he would give me the green light to walk after my 1 mth appt (7-May)... but I just felt really bored doing SLRs and walking on my crutches... leg was stronger already but no sense of balanceFriday night, I got home, and as usual, started to come to the kneegeeks forum... and i just figured out that many people start trying to walk 2-3 weeks after their Aclr... so i decided to try walking on 1 crutch . It was wobbly at first. but i soon found out that a way to stablise myself was to put my left hand across myself and grip the crutch too. Managed to walk 20 minutes without much wobbling (except for 1x when my knee locked! ). Then I practised tiptoeing a bit and that sort of helped with the lifting off of the heel..Today, I progressed without my crutch... and I looked like a female frankenstien trying to balance myself. Each step was about 10cm and very carefully and painfully done. I thought the inner part of my menisci felt a bit compressed... But I am glad it gets better with more practise! My brother suggests using a walking stick which helps a bit (but I don't want to bring it to office, it's so embarrassing! )

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ever since I re-learnt how to cycle again after 15 long years, I have been doing silly things with my bike~ such as riding to Orchard road without a helmet and only 3 times of practise! It's a wonder how my life is miraculously preserved although I remembered crashing into shrubs and bushes a few times and not having enough strength to peddle uphill (and not knowing how to switch my gear then).

But nevertheless, I did try my way on the stationary bike 19 days after my ACLr. Because I heard fantastic things about Cycling for Knee Rehabilitation. So I persuaded the OS I was ready. Got myself on the bike. I did not make it pass the first cycle. Knee got stuck. Turned around. Chatted to the guy beside me who had a meniscus repair who was basically doing 45 degree forward, 45 degree backward. Aw... but suddenly, knee just slipped and i made my first cycle very painfully, shifting my weight to my right side. It felt so wierd. But as i did a few more cycles, got a bit more confident and was doing about 29 rpm per minute... was very excited till my knee locked and yet I still pushed it forward involuntarily... I let out a YELP. It was a queer feeling of my knee being displaced in a rubbery jelly like way. But it din't feel so painful after all. Anyway, felt a great sense of accomplishment~ having completed 2.5km. Butt was real sore after all that shifting from side to side.

Made a few friends in my PT sessions, and on kneegeeks forum. During this time, you really treasure any kind of interaction you can get.
Tried walking without crutches, but felt very wobbly and twangy sensations just shot down at the areas where it was drilled. I guess in the meantime, wud just strengthen my quads till my OS gives the official green light next wednesday to be off my crutches!

Monday, May 22, 2006

2 weeks countup from OP!

2 weeks from Operation. Swelling has gone down... but so has my thigh muscles ... knee cap looks sunken in too...

The following is a test shot of the MARCO mode on my Nikon 7900.

The wound where the scope went in (& pumped my knee with saline) has blistered quite a bit. Heck!

... Previous knee pics

Where was I ...
2 weeks ago:: Sitting in bed after my OP waiting for my OS...
2 months ago:: somewhere in office planning for my badminton game the next day (to get myself injured!!!)
1 yr ago:: in Idemitsu office in Chiba creating some IT solutions
2 yrs ago:: Bumming at home after a TW competition looking for a job...
3 yrs ago:: Working in HP completing creating some IT process system
4 yrs ago:: in Uni, preparing for a 6 months exchange program to Melbourne
5 yrs ago:: hmmm. Can't remember. Did I get my peabrain working then? I must have been underaged then!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quarter life crisis

I always thought it was wierd to experience a 'mid-life' crisis kind of nagginess when I have barely lived for a quarter century. Not till I chanced on this term - Quarter Life Crisis ... and I marvel at how wikipedia has grown to even come up with a comprehensive and pretty objective collection of prolly the most cliched and frequently asked question on the Meaning of LIFE

Earlier this evening, National Geographic was screening a documentary on some mummies which were discovered in China which were buried deep underground around 100BC. The amazing thing is that they were well preserved for 2000 over years, the moistness of their skin, the laxity of their limbs and their intestines were all well preserved. This allowed the archaelogists to even test for their blood type and check for the kinds of food they were last eating before they died!

How were they preserved?
Wrapped tightly in 20 layers of silk, filling the coffin with some mildly acidic, high zinc content liquid, sealing it airtight in 5 layers of coffin. Burying it 50 feet underground, coating the coffin with tar, and next with waterproof material, heaping 50 feet of earth over the burial site.
It was literally vacuum sealing and freezing the corpse.

It is amazing to observe that over the millennium and across various independently developed civilizations, the concept of immortality is priceless and highly esteemed, somewhat to the extent of a blinded obsession. This leads me back to the same question.

~For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.~

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A WALK through Life

Walking. I never knew walking could be so tiring. Especially with 2 crutches. I am on my 10th day of my ACL Reconstruction. Went back to my OS yesterday. He gave me the thumbs up and said my knee was looking GREAT! Whatever. Anyway, any encouragement makes me feel good now. But still I was only to bear 20% of my weight on my left leg.
So yesterday, I decided to walk. First from the lobby to my clinic, then to the rehab centre then back to another carpark lobby. Gosh. It may have been 600m in all... But I had to stop a few times, hands were aching from supporting the 80% of my body weight when my left leg was down... and my strides were so small (maybe 30cm) ,,, that means 2x more strides over the same distance.
Last week in rehab, an old lady fell asleep after taking 5 steps on her 4 legged crutch. Well. It's that tiring. Anyway, I am officially back to work now (from home) ... emails and deadlines have come in.