Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friends & Visitations

Had a slew of friends visiting me this weekend... Many reasons >> long weekend due to labour day holiday, exams over, I am in the fittest stage of my recovery, and i need some morale booster b4 i go for my next OP... Here's a shot of my JC guy friends... it's good to have some pple come back to your life and poke fun at each other exactly the way we did when we were 16-17 year old kids...
Well, we have moved on (WOW... nearly 6 long years...)... but i must say some things remain the same... like the way we relate to each other and here's a gift I got from them... CHATEK >>> well, it's to motivate me to have my leg recovered so I can kick this thingy again... haha. I fondly remember our chatek craze (YES! EVEN AMONG THE GALS) that we had as a class and would take every spare moment we have practising that thing... those were the gewd old days :P

And had my tuition kid coming... It's fun... i am starting to like teaching her... and mind you, if you think teaching is an easy job... not for me... especially i do demand high standards from myself as someone who motivates my student not only in the subject but also in the attitude she approaches the problem.

And last, my church elders and deacons came today to visit me... haha. in my bombshell hit house (mom has gone on strike 2 weeks back) ... DAD is confused on how come mom had such emancipated idealism on not having to do the housework and having her own life... HAHA> > > I think she must have rubbed it off the many conversations I had with her ... SHhHhHhHhHhH *-) Yep... so far so good... looking fwd to my God-sis visitation tomorrow...

8 days towards my OP!!!

Feelings: mix of apprehension(25%), excitement(30%)... fear(10%)???, resignation(20%), boredom(10%)...

well i met my OS last wed to show him my mucky wound. He cleaned it... and here's how it looks 4 days later... not the NICEST healing wound... cos its a bit sensitive and infected but oh well, TG it's closed up anyway... anyway, it's gonna be cut up again... so... hmmm... but anyway.... i did my best to show my enthusiasm for my next OP and told my OS... I want it ASAP... :P so it's tentatively scheduled on the 8th May.... WOOHOO! v^_^v I can't believe i seem deliriously excited about my op... afterall, i have searched all the ACL allografts online ( not recommended if you just had your meal...)

After many round of physio and diligence... the student therapist has declared my leg amazingly much fitter than before... then i told her... be having my ACL reconstruction next week... then she went like ah... then u gotta build up muscle strength and your ROM (range of motion) all over again... cos muscle atrophy takes place within 3days... and usually, your muscles are too pained and stiff to move after your OP...
I met a woman in the 30s having physio too after her ACLr... obviously she's pretty GUNGHO i must say, hurt herself whilst skiin in hokkaido... and went on a walking stick for the rest of her holiday.... she seems to be walking fine with a limp after 4 weeks... but only had a ROM of 90deg... it made me wince when i saw her yelping away just to get that extra 10 degrees more of ROM

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Infected wound

Sigh. I am now a microkneegeek at the kneeguru boards...
Absolutely life forum with 13000 pple with knee probs loggin in almost everyday to update each other on their knees and to share their experiences...
Yesterady, I took out my plaster (after 20 days) and my middle wound is leaky... The other 2 seems to be okay. There was also a soft and swollen bump beside the wound. Massaged it a little and the bump seemed to have gone down today... but the weeping from the wound seemed to got worse... Scared. Cud be a possible infection and pple have complications (arthofibriosis) from it... I guess I gotta call my OS tmr and if it's serious get admitted...
Did a little reading on how arthoscopy is done and looked at some photos on a life knee transplant. Eww. I have a weak stomach and i get giddy spells when i see such things....
Many qns to ask my OS>>> how many allografts have he done? how frequently does he do it? In this hospital? On females? On OI females? I think the ans is like 0. But sigh. i reckon, there's gotta be a leap of faith on this... afterall, there's always a first time...

Well, read this on the newspaper abt an Ex-RGS gal with cancer and how she's fighting it...
Things like this jolt me out of my drudgery dreamy state and make me realise how much i got to stand up and fight my probs instead of floating along with it....
I rem my boss tellin me the previous guy whom he selected (very bright and brilliant) died of brain tumour b4 reporting for work... and of cos Aunty Ivy's death also jolted me a lil.
I guess, this ACL tear is the real jolt that requires me to sit still and reflect on my life a bit...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

ACLs, Bone Loss & Women


Bad and good news abt ACL tears in women.

There have been reports of women having electromechanical delay in muscle recruitment, poor hamstring recruitment patterns, and less functional joint stiffness (the stability of the joint brought about by muscular constraints).5 Others have noted less hamstring and gluteus medius activation in females than males

There have been studies about the relationship of ACL injuries in women and the menstrual cycle. Wojts et al
4 found that women are three times more likely to injure their ACL during ovulation (when levels of estrogen peak) than during other times of their cycle.


ACL rehab

Cool Ani

Site with life stories

For patients about to undergo ACL surgery, Tanhehco has plenty of advice: Do your post-op exercises, strengthen your legs before surgery, and do not expect to walk right away. "It will get better as time goes by," she says. "Don't give up, and don't get frustrated."

Great site


Have you ever had pain so great like those in the holocaust and the beslan siege?
It is a stage of immense mental turmoil and pain, in which you start talking deliriously, sweating, self-inflicting yourself, taking off your clothes (due to heat), crying out for help, chewing on things, defecating involuntarily, even drinking ones own urine.
What defines a man? Vulnerability.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Wait Wait Wait

Okay. Updates.
After visiting my doc on Tues.
- come back 3 weeks after appointment from my pretty re-assuring OS
- if leg's okay, order ligament and have ACL reconstruction approx 1 week later.
- in the meantime, gain muscle strength. Including weight bearing to 60%.
- Practise practise practise - quadriceps muscle rebuilding.
- after ACL reconstruction, it's approx 1 mth on crutches again.
- read as much as I can on OI. and ACL. and Allograft. and Meniscus Repairs.
- waiting for DEXA test result.

I am starting to like my Ranger brace. Gives me a false sense of security.

Btw, i be going back to work next week in my crutches and ranger brace. Getting a lil out of action and bored reading on bed.

yay. some gals from church be visiting me tomorrow and my tuition kid. It somehow feels a bit queer not to have really interacted with pple other than my family members for sometime.
I was here 1 year ago >>> sunbathing!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dizzy knees

Leg's awfully dizzy, cramped and wet after being placed in the Ranger brace for too long...
And had a look at my surgery pic again. And I think I know how a tissue looks like. Literally like shredded tissue paper ... my poor ligament. I just can't imagine a seemingly insignificant movement can cause so much destruction. Anyway...
  1. 'Felt more human' after my 1st bath after I am back...
  2. Tried packing my room a little today on my roller chair (Gosh how many bills I have not filed)
  3. Tuition kid came to my house to visit and get taught (feels good doing a lil thing of value again)

Anyway, gotta start getting my life revamped and organised. And my ridiculously high hospital bills accumulated... Boo hoo. I think its a big hole in my bank account ;( (Oops, pringles is finished)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Learning to Move again

I am at a stage in life where I am practically learning to do a very simple thing all over again... Not once but twice. From bending my knee, to lying on my stomach and reeling from the stretch.... Painful. Sore. Numb. Achey.
But my progress is not to bad. And I learn hard from my usual finicky-quicky self that there are no short cuts to learning and mastering something. There is so much to learn from training yourself physically that can be seemingly awfully simple.

So here's my lil enlightment from my 'as frequent as possible' physio exercises.
1) Read the steps carefully
2) Try it. Repeat a few times.
3) Assess yourself to see if you are in the right position
4) Practise. Slowly but carefully.
5) Repeat and increase the frequency.
6) Advance to more difficult routines.

And lastly, patience. Learn to laugh at yourself and know that you are limited. With the right attitude, I guess there is much one can learn.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Great is thy faithfulness

Here in my room. muncching on my 10th pringles. Leg in a ranger brace unmoveable...
Lying in bed for 3 whole days in hospital. Learning to walk a little, learning that it so difficult to WILL my leg muscle and overcome the soreness and pain, lying in bed observing my parents (they tell u a lot abt how u have been brought up), the camaraderie of the Malay family beside me, my very charismatic Orthopedic surgeon, the inexperiency of the nurses, people in general... and promising myself to learn to be a good caregiver... remembering the exhilaration that I was going on a work trip for the first time in my life... Putting down my luggage from Malacca at 12th midnight and packing my bags immediately for the trip the next day, that kind of silly anticipation for all things nice, glorious and good in life...

and Here am I one year later. NOt a long time *but really many things happened in between* that made me decided to take stock at this quiet moment in my life before i move on again...
Here was I a year ago... wowing my room in Cronulla exactly a year ago with my dizzy self after a full dinner at the Blue Parrot, meeting a gang of men of all breeds, types, sizes and backgrounds... and being very very excited with just opening my eyes and welcoming the next day...