Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

8 days towards my OP!!!

Feelings: mix of apprehension(25%), excitement(30%)... fear(10%)???, resignation(20%), boredom(10%)...

well i met my OS last wed to show him my mucky wound. He cleaned it... and here's how it looks 4 days later... not the NICEST healing wound... cos its a bit sensitive and infected but oh well, TG it's closed up anyway... anyway, it's gonna be cut up again... so... hmmm... but anyway.... i did my best to show my enthusiasm for my next OP and told my OS... I want it ASAP... :P so it's tentatively scheduled on the 8th May.... WOOHOO! v^_^v I can't believe i seem deliriously excited about my op... afterall, i have searched all the ACL allografts online ( not recommended if you just had your meal...)

After many round of physio and diligence... the student therapist has declared my leg amazingly much fitter than before... then i told her... be having my ACL reconstruction next week... then she went like ah... then u gotta build up muscle strength and your ROM (range of motion) all over again... cos muscle atrophy takes place within 3days... and usually, your muscles are too pained and stiff to move after your OP...
I met a woman in the 30s having physio too after her ACLr... obviously she's pretty GUNGHO i must say, hurt herself whilst skiin in hokkaido... and went on a walking stick for the rest of her holiday.... she seems to be walking fine with a limp after 4 weeks... but only had a ROM of 90deg... it made me wince when i saw her yelping away just to get that extra 10 degrees more of ROM


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