Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dizzy knees

Leg's awfully dizzy, cramped and wet after being placed in the Ranger brace for too long...
And had a look at my surgery pic again. And I think I know how a tissue looks like. Literally like shredded tissue paper ... my poor ligament. I just can't imagine a seemingly insignificant movement can cause so much destruction. Anyway...
  1. 'Felt more human' after my 1st bath after I am back...
  2. Tried packing my room a little today on my roller chair (Gosh how many bills I have not filed)
  3. Tuition kid came to my house to visit and get taught (feels good doing a lil thing of value again)

Anyway, gotta start getting my life revamped and organised. And my ridiculously high hospital bills accumulated... Boo hoo. I think its a big hole in my bank account ;( (Oops, pringles is finished)


Blogger Celeste said...

hi "torn"... how are you feeling today? thanks for visiting me on livejournal. it was strange to meet someone else with OI! believe it or not, aside from my family, i have never met anyone with this condition. i’m glad to hear that you haven’t fx’d many times... i’m almost at 20 fractures by now! how did you find me?
i’ll be checking on you, eager to learn more about you and your life! i hope you are not despairing too much. an injury can really be depressing, but you sound like a very energetic woman and i am certain you will be on your feet soon. one of the gifts of life is that the depth and quality of pain is easily forgotten.
nice to meet you, new friend!

9:39 PM


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