Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Friends & Visitations

Had a slew of friends visiting me this weekend... Many reasons >> long weekend due to labour day holiday, exams over, I am in the fittest stage of my recovery, and i need some morale booster b4 i go for my next OP... Here's a shot of my JC guy friends... it's good to have some pple come back to your life and poke fun at each other exactly the way we did when we were 16-17 year old kids...
Well, we have moved on (WOW... nearly 6 long years...)... but i must say some things remain the same... like the way we relate to each other and here's a gift I got from them... CHATEK >>> well, it's to motivate me to have my leg recovered so I can kick this thingy again... haha. I fondly remember our chatek craze (YES! EVEN AMONG THE GALS) that we had as a class and would take every spare moment we have practising that thing... those were the gewd old days :P

And had my tuition kid coming... It's fun... i am starting to like teaching her... and mind you, if you think teaching is an easy job... not for me... especially i do demand high standards from myself as someone who motivates my student not only in the subject but also in the attitude she approaches the problem.

And last, my church elders and deacons came today to visit me... haha. in my bombshell hit house (mom has gone on strike 2 weeks back) ... DAD is confused on how come mom had such emancipated idealism on not having to do the housework and having her own life... HAHA> > > I think she must have rubbed it off the many conversations I had with her ... SHhHhHhHhHhH *-) Yep... so far so good... looking fwd to my God-sis visitation tomorrow...


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