Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Learning to Move again

I am at a stage in life where I am practically learning to do a very simple thing all over again... Not once but twice. From bending my knee, to lying on my stomach and reeling from the stretch.... Painful. Sore. Numb. Achey.
But my progress is not to bad. And I learn hard from my usual finicky-quicky self that there are no short cuts to learning and mastering something. There is so much to learn from training yourself physically that can be seemingly awfully simple.

So here's my lil enlightment from my 'as frequent as possible' physio exercises.
1) Read the steps carefully
2) Try it. Repeat a few times.
3) Assess yourself to see if you are in the right position
4) Practise. Slowly but carefully.
5) Repeat and increase the frequency.
6) Advance to more difficult routines.

And lastly, patience. Learn to laugh at yourself and know that you are limited. With the right attitude, I guess there is much one can learn.


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