Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Wait Wait Wait

Okay. Updates.
After visiting my doc on Tues.
- come back 3 weeks after appointment from my pretty re-assuring OS
- if leg's okay, order ligament and have ACL reconstruction approx 1 week later.
- in the meantime, gain muscle strength. Including weight bearing to 60%.
- Practise practise practise - quadriceps muscle rebuilding.
- after ACL reconstruction, it's approx 1 mth on crutches again.
- read as much as I can on OI. and ACL. and Allograft. and Meniscus Repairs.
- waiting for DEXA test result.

I am starting to like my Ranger brace. Gives me a false sense of security.

Btw, i be going back to work next week in my crutches and ranger brace. Getting a lil out of action and bored reading on bed.

yay. some gals from church be visiting me tomorrow and my tuition kid. It somehow feels a bit queer not to have really interacted with pple other than my family members for sometime.
I was here 1 year ago >>> sunbathing!


Blogger MelĀ² said...

Hang in there - I'm sure you'll be back to your travelling days and we'll definitely get to go travelling together again in the near future!

8:19 PM

Blogger Torn said...

Haha. Thanks. Looking fwd to that too :)
Keep well ya!

12:42 AM


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