Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Ever since I re-learnt how to cycle again after 15 long years, I have been doing silly things with my bike~ such as riding to Orchard road without a helmet and only 3 times of practise! It's a wonder how my life is miraculously preserved although I remembered crashing into shrubs and bushes a few times and not having enough strength to peddle uphill (and not knowing how to switch my gear then).

But nevertheless, I did try my way on the stationary bike 19 days after my ACLr. Because I heard fantastic things about Cycling for Knee Rehabilitation. So I persuaded the OS I was ready. Got myself on the bike. I did not make it pass the first cycle. Knee got stuck. Turned around. Chatted to the guy beside me who had a meniscus repair who was basically doing 45 degree forward, 45 degree backward. Aw... but suddenly, knee just slipped and i made my first cycle very painfully, shifting my weight to my right side. It felt so wierd. But as i did a few more cycles, got a bit more confident and was doing about 29 rpm per minute... was very excited till my knee locked and yet I still pushed it forward involuntarily... I let out a YELP. It was a queer feeling of my knee being displaced in a rubbery jelly like way. But it din't feel so painful after all. Anyway, felt a great sense of accomplishment~ having completed 2.5km. Butt was real sore after all that shifting from side to side.

Made a few friends in my PT sessions, and on kneegeeks forum. During this time, you really treasure any kind of interaction you can get.
Tried walking without crutches, but felt very wobbly and twangy sensations just shot down at the areas where it was drilled. I guess in the meantime, wud just strengthen my quads till my OS gives the official green light next wednesday to be off my crutches!


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