Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Day 2~Peak of Pain

I thought I coped pretty well with the pain asking only for an additional traumadol last night at 4am. By mid day, I had my boss, Rao, over to visit me, with Kumar (heehee, pple I love to tease). Well, Rao was hopeful to meet my mom to 'SCARE' her a bit knowing how protective and conservatively finicky she can be... but it was good fun explaining the nuts and bolts of my operation including which bloody plasters were involved in the intrusions, drillings and manipulations. AH, i feel like an engineer who knows my stuff once more.
By 6pm, I was in pain, throbbing and severe aching pain. I had decided to be off my traumadol and only taken panadine as the former made me really giddy. And I didnt want to be giddy during my Physio... My temperature was rising. And i sat on my bed, bad leg dangling off the bed, staring at the chicken cutlet and corn soup before me, and THROB THROB THROB. I asked the nurse for my painkillers soon. But they told me it just wasn't time for the pills to be served yet. So I waited. THROB THROB THROB. The pain was not only on my leg, but was giving me a headache and fever.
6.30pm: I reminded a trainee nurse that it was time for the painkillers... she promised to go look into it for me.
6.40pm: Saw the table trolley coming around. THRob THroB ThROb. Temperature 38.2deg
6.50pm: Gulped down 2 panadine tablets.
Lay on bed.
7.30pm: The painkillers finally kicked in. Fever was still high.
8.30pm: Nurse went around to measure temperature. 38.5deg.
Dan smsed me and told me to take some alcohol. Fancy some humour from a hearty 58 year old American. I think i must have recited the formulas of alcohol for him.
11.30pm: Woke up with my face smacked in my pillow. Pillow was wet with my saliva.
12.05am: Asked the nurses to turn of my light
2.30am: Felt cold and pulled the blanket right to my chin and mummified myself.
7.30am: TADA>>> felt a pat on my shoulder. Struggled to get up and saw my Knight in Shining Amour (none other than my OS) striding gallantly towards me... (well, I need a good sense of humour to keep me entertained at this moment in time... Well Well)
My knight in shining armour took my bloody bandages off and cleaned and plastered my wound, assured me that I was on my road to a great recovery with his physio team taking care of me... and told me that I am good to go :D
There was I, happily discharged on the 3rd day after my OP.


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