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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My knee pics

A Sunflower from my church friends on my first day of OP. AW. It always feel good to be cheered up.
:) :) :)

My humps & lumps
If you noticed, my knee cap on my left knee is sunken and there's a huge bump on my thigh right after my knee cap... ewww.

Anterior view ...
This is really strange. I have positioned my feet on par. But my knee caps just wouldn't meet. Why does my left knee look so swollen and rounded...???

Holes & Bandages
Well, this is the 1st day after my OS ;P dressed my wound. There's a lot of plastic on the top, which make my skin rather irritated. Trust me. It's 7 days after now and it is not a pretty sight. Dried blood, clots, rash, lumps ... hmmm. Excited to have it cleaned out tomorrow and have the stitches taken out...


Blogger alucardSoD said...

Must have hurt real bad ^^;

10:26 PM

Blogger MelĀ² said...

Hey it looks pretty clean to me! Normally after surgery like that in Australia, you are a little red and puffy, occasionally with iodine stains.

Hope you are recovering well you funny girl!

9:06 PM

Blogger Torn said...

haha. I think my leg has the colour of iodine (dirty brown) ... yea. on my road to recovery guys!

4:41 PM

Blogger robroy4 said...

Hi guys, my name ie Bob. I had a Fem-pop op for circulation and te graft got infected. 3 yrs. later and a second TKR whic ad to be taken out cause the infection came back. Now I ave anti-bioctic spacers in my leg and the wound won't heal and is draining Synovial fluid for 4 monts and a tissue/mussel graft and it's still draining. I'm lost and fearfull they want to amputate. I need HELP. robroy4 Thanks

11:23 AM


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