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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quarter life crisis

I always thought it was wierd to experience a 'mid-life' crisis kind of nagginess when I have barely lived for a quarter century. Not till I chanced on this term - Quarter Life Crisis ... and I marvel at how wikipedia has grown to even come up with a comprehensive and pretty objective collection of prolly the most cliched and frequently asked question on the Meaning of LIFE

Earlier this evening, National Geographic was screening a documentary on some mummies which were discovered in China which were buried deep underground around 100BC. The amazing thing is that they were well preserved for 2000 over years, the moistness of their skin, the laxity of their limbs and their intestines were all well preserved. This allowed the archaelogists to even test for their blood type and check for the kinds of food they were last eating before they died!

How were they preserved?
Wrapped tightly in 20 layers of silk, filling the coffin with some mildly acidic, high zinc content liquid, sealing it airtight in 5 layers of coffin. Burying it 50 feet underground, coating the coffin with tar, and next with waterproof material, heaping 50 feet of earth over the burial site.
It was literally vacuum sealing and freezing the corpse.

It is amazing to observe that over the millennium and across various independently developed civilizations, the concept of immortality is priceless and highly esteemed, somewhat to the extent of a blinded obsession. This leads me back to the same question.

~For what is your life?
It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.~


Blogger Mike Rubin said...

Quarter life Crisis... thats classic. Car Pe dium... or however one spells that latin word. We should get out there and make the best of it!

2:35 AM

Blogger Torn said...

Hi Mike,
Thanks for visiting. Checked out the rubin review~~ cool stuff. I presume u are in your quarter-life crisis too?

4:52 PM


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