Abt a torn ligament & folded meniscus... & e growing pangs of a 24 year old gal.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Where was I a year ago

I was here at Yokohama pan-pacific hotel WOWing almost everything I saw... gosh. I still remember happily blogging my land of pachinkos and animes a year a ago...
How ones experiences can change so vastly over a year... But nonetheless, I CHERISH my travelling days (not that I don't cherish my 'grounded' days) but I always feel soooo alive when I am in a new land, culture, sights and smells. Well, 頑張って!!! I do hope I recover quickly and completely to resume my happy days of travel where i am excitedly trying to document every new sight, sound and smell again. ^,^v


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